SATURDAY – MAY 26, 2018

Angie Chiang

Hi, I am Angie. My post-up game and cross-over are weak. Not to mention my step-back jumper, also weak sauce.

Ricky Savjani

Hi, I am Ricky. In best of 5 shooting, I am like Lavar Ball, never lost against achiang. One time, I did a 360 shake-and-bake and cooked that chicken right on the court, no oven needed.

 Our Wedding Video!


Main Ceremony

4:00pm - 5:00pm

We will be having a traditional Indian wedding ceremony (sorry coconut lovers!). We understand that there will be a lot of Indian and Asian folks, but this is not a competition on who can show up the latest. Please be on time!
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Chateau Polonez


12612 Malcomson Rd
Houston, TX 77070


Wedding Reception

5:00pm - 10:00pm

For those still awake after the wedding ceremony, please join us for a cocktail hour followed by the wedding reception. We will have attractions for all ages like lions, celestial wonders, and more!
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Hotel Information

Hyatt Vintage Park

20330 Tomball Parkway
Houston, TX 77070


Hyatt Vintage Park

Free Breakfast!

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Group rate of $89/night


Fortunately, Angie and Ricky have been blessed and have everything that they need already. Besides, Angie rejected the idea of registering at the places that would carry the utmost essentials to embark on this new life together (e.g., Nike, Fry’s Electronics, and Toys-R-Us). Angie says that your mere presence is more than enough…

Nonetheless, Asian tradition has it that the newly wed be blessed with a red envelope filled with charitable contributions. I would not want to offend anyone, particularly our wealthier elders, and, thus, we must uphold this coveted tradition. (Checks are also most welcome and can be made payable to Ricky R Savjani).







Way back to when we were just wee toddlers!

A: Hey, where is my diploma now?

R: Oh, you mean my mousepad?

A: This pizza costs my entire semester budget.

R: Good thing you are paying!

A: Do I have something on my head? R: Nah, you good.

R: Can I go home now? Lakers are playing. A: I'm sleepy...

R: What would it be like if you had arms like KG?

A: My hands would drag across the floor!

R: Froyo!

A: Sleep!

R: My shadow will protect you always.

A: I don't wanna get a sun burn!

R: Your head makes for a nice arm rest!

A: ......

A: We are hiking in New England, not New Zealand!

R: How much farther til we get to Mordor?

R: Your head also makes for a nice party tray!

A: You think so??

R: What time is it?

A: Times^2!

A: I'm tired, can someone carry me already?

R: Sorry, you must be at least this tall to enter.

R: Hey look, check out my headphones, pretty cool, huh?

A: Just cuz you wear headphones hanging under your shirt doesn't make you cool.

Graduate School

We grew up together!


The Genetic Tree!

A: This place looks costly...

R: Glad you brought that big wallet!

A: We bring Ricky here for veg food.

R: I call it my yearly pilgrimage!

R: Did I miss anything? I just woke up.

A: Ricky, we have to do this now, too!

R: Hey, where am I??

A: Go away!


A: Ricky, this is a wedding!

R: Promise me you won't treat me like how Kyrie did Lebron!

A: Family forever!

A: Create your own pizza!

R: Build it, and they will come!

A: Ricky, where are you?

R: Behind you, I have become one!

A: Why is it so difficult to take pictures with you?

A: Finally, a good picture!

R: Hey, who are those 2 in the back, let's say hi!

A: PhD thesis defense completed!

R: Yay, can I retire now?

A: Thanks, Auntie...

H: I can't believe you caught that mint

I tossed to you, you are like a seal!

A: Holidays are family!

R: What is family giving me this year!?

A: So cute!

R: Hey, santa is sitting on my lap now!

S: Is that a new iPhone 10!?

R: Correct, lil man!

R: Santa, you are awfully tiny!

A: Hey look, I am taller than everyone!